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PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES regarding when the Ansell Centre can operate.  With the gradual easing of restrictions, the Lunch Clubs and Digital Cinema plan to open soon for limited numbers.  Please check the website for details and any changes. 

For any of you interested in an overview of the ACC here are the minutes for the AGM, followed by the chairman’s report:



  1. Present: Eve McCoid (chair), Jill Cox, John Cunningham, Jan Dicks, Andy Guest, Karen Harman, Ruth Rowland, Trevor Rowland, Eunice Scott, Janice White and 21 members and volunteers                 
  1. Apologies: Apologies had been received from Vic Ackermann, Philip Mann, Doreen Riddlestone, Anita and Mike Rosbrook and Ann Swallow.
  1. Minutes of the last AGM:

It was agreed that the minutes of the AGM held on 25th November 2020 were a true record and that they could be signed by the Chairman.

  1. Matters arising: Eve confirmed that the Memories Cafe had been successful in obtaining funding from Suffolk Community Foundation.

Although Eunice had expressed a desire to step down from being a trustee, she had in fact remained as a trustee and worked very hard all through lockdown especially helping the Memories Cafe with the delivery of weekly newsletters.

  1. Chairman’s Report:

                                    Eve presented her report (attached)

  1. Report and Financial statements for year

Three financial reports had been circulated before the meeting, the main ACC account, the Friday Lunch Club account and the Memories Cafe financial summary.

The trustees are not able to sign off the financial statement for the year until it has been approved by the independent examiner, David Atkins. John reported that this should happen in the next couple of weeks.

7.Resignation of Trustees

Eve explained that by rotation a third of the trustees are required to step down each year, and, if willing, be re-elected to the committee. This year Jill, Eunice and Jan stepped down and were immediately re-elected. Voting was unanimous. Andy Guest had agreed to become a trustee and, proposed by Jessica Bailey and seconded by Jan Dicks, was elected unanimously. Eve explained that she was the temporary interim chairman and she was pleased to hand over to Ruth Rowland who had agreed to take on the role for the coming year.


Please Note: Eve McCoid stepped up as temporary Chairperson after we lost Tom Tebbutt; this is Eve’s report.  Ruth Rowlands is now our new Chair

The past year has been a difficult one in so many ways for many people and we the Trustees of Ansell Centre Charity have felt this too. In particular the fact that our chairman, Tom Tebbutt, was sadly taken from us in July. He had bravely battled cancer for several years but had always been there for support in his quiet, generous way. We miss him greatly.

As temporary interim Chairman I will give a brief rundown of the activities of the ACC since our last AGM which was held on Zoom because of Covid restrictions.

Our three main activities have survived through lockdown and restrictions and are returning to some normality.

Both Lunch Clubs remained closed until August/September when we were able to invite members for a full meal. Members had regularly been contacted by phone during the period of restrictions to check they were coping and were keeping well. Then afternoon teas were organised in May and June when members were very pleased to be back meeting up with friends again

‘Friday Lunch Club’ [FLC] decided to change their day to the first Wednesday in the month. This was due to the closure of Market Place on Friday for the market, thus causing difficulty in dropping off members. They are now called ‘First Lunch Club’ [FLC].

Memories Café is going from strength to strength and is providing a much needed weekly meeting place for those living with Dementia and their carers, as well as others who live alone and who enjoy the opportunity for a chat, a shared lunch and the option of taking part in a variety of stimulating activities. During lockdown Sue, our Café organiser produced a 6 sided Newsletter which was delivered by hand to 30 members together with a bun baked by our cook, Val. A further 5 newsletters were posted to members living outside Hadleigh. The newsletters and buns were delivered by Sue and 5 Café Trustees enabling them to have a chat with members and check that they were coping.

As soon as Government regulations allowed, Sue and the Trustees met with 4 or 5 members in the URC garden each week for a cuppa and a chat whilst still delivering newsletters to those who weren’t able to come in person.

It has been a very difficult year for Hollywood in Hadleigh. As with all mainstream cinemas, we were forced to keep our doors firmly closed for the first 5 months of this year. This was not only disappointing for our patrons, but disastrous for the ACC’s bank account, because it is the profit from our film evenings which subsidise all our other activities. However, we were delighted to show our first film of the year ‘Little Women’ in June, with an afternoon as well as an evening screening. This was to keep all chairs 2 metres apart. The film distributers were very helpful by allowing digital cinemas to show up to 3 screenings of the same film on a single day but only charging for one licence. All seats had to be booked in advance and a list of names and contact details filed for ‘track and trace’ purposes. We no longer need to set the chairs 2 metres apart so have returned to an evening screening only and have started serving choc ices again! We hope by January we will be able to produce our 6 film brochure again, seats will no longer need to be booked and we will be able to offer teas and coffees as well as choc ices in the interval.

None of these activities would be able to go ahead without the wonderful volunteers. The help and support they give to the trustees at these activities mean that each event is the great success that it is. Thank you to them seems inadequate and I hope they realise how much they are appreciated. I will not mention names as there are so many, and I am liable to miss someone out.  THANK YOU.

All of our activities have participants who require parking for longer than is possible without paying and having to walk a distance to the hall. One of our trustees has been active in contacting the local councillor to put the case for more consideration of the situation. As you may know this is now being reviewed again, so we will need to wait to hear what the final solution will be!

Finally, I would like to welcome a new member to our team. Andy Guest, who you may have met at the cinema. Also to thank all the Trustees who continue to ensure that the Ansell Centre continues to serve the community, hopefully for many years to come. This will only happen if we have the essential officers, namely Treasurer and Secretary and Chairman and here I would like to give a special thanks to John and Jan who do so much behind the scenes, and without whom none of these activities could take place. THANK YOU!