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PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE SUBJECT TO GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES regarding when the Ansell Centre can operate.  With the gradual easing of restrictions, the Lunch Clubs and Digital Cinema plan to open soon for limited numbers.  Please check the website for details and any changes. 

For any of you interested in an overview of the ACC here are the minutes for the AGM, followed by the chairman’s report:



 1. Present:

Tom Tebbutt (chair), Vic Ackerman, Jill Cox, Jan Dicks, Eve McCoid, Ruth Rowland, Trevor Rowland, Eunice Scott, Janice White and four volunteers (Jessica Bailey, Gill Dudley, Karen Harman and Frances Tebbutt)

2. Apologies:

Apologies had been received from John Cunningham, treasurer, (as he does not have access to a computer) and Joyce Willis

3. Minutes of the last AGM:

It was agreed that the minutes of the AGM held on 29th October 2019 were a true record and that they could be signed by the Chairman (proposed by Eve and seconded by Janice).

4. Chairman’s Report:

Tom’s report had been circulated before the meeting (below)

5. Report and Financial statements for year

Three financial reports had been circulated before the meeting, the main ACC account, the Friday Lunch Club account and the Memories Cafe financial summary. Tom explained that the Friday Lunch Club has its own bank account for historic reasons and that the Memories Cafe needs to keep a separate account as it has received several grants and donations which are restricted for use by the Cafe only.

Jill said that she has applied to the Suffolk Foundation for funding for the Cafe co-ordinator for next year but has not yet heard if the application has been successful. John had sent the trustees a summary of the ACC financial statement for the year and had asked for the trustees to approve it before he sends it to Companies House. This approval was agreed. Jan reported that the URC had applied for and received a grant of £800 from Babergh District Council to cover the cost of numerous purchases which had been made in order to make the premises Covid safe.

6.Resignation of Trustees

Tom explained that by rotation a third of the trustees are required to step down each year, and, if willing, be re-elected to the committee. This year Vic, Ruth and Trevor stepped down and were immediately re-elected. Voting was unanimous. Eunice had expressed a wish to stand down as a trustee for this year but had agreed to stay on for the time being to help with the weekly delivery of newsletters to Memory Cafe members. Karen Harman had agreed to become a trustee and was elected unanimously. Tom welcomed Karen to the committee.

7. AOB

        • The trustees agreed that no more events should be held in the Ansell Centre till the new year due to the high number of Covid 19 cases currently in Hadleigh.
        • Jessica thanked the trustees for their hard work in getting the Ansell Centre Covid secure and for help in preparing a risk assessment for the Choral Society
        • Tom expressed thanks to the URC for its work in making the Ansell Centre Covid secure.
Chairman’s report:


Annual Report November 2020

This report is quite a bit different from my previous ones.  For a start with current regulations we cannot invite you to attend the meeting in person, so we are having to hold it on line.

The year has been in two very different parts; pre Covid and post Covid.

During the last part of 2019 our lunch clubs ran their monthly lunches which were enjoyed by our clients; quite how much we were to learn later.   There were some problems with the preparation of meals as we were too dependent on a small number of volunteers willing to take on the task of planning, sourcing and cooking with the time and responsibility this entails.  We are grateful to these cooks but need to increase their numbers if we can or find some other solutions.

The Wednesday Club put on some much enjoyed entertainment and both lunch clubs gave the usual excellent Christmas meal.

The Memories Cafe has filled a much needed space for those with dementia and their carers, and has widened its appeal to those who feel isolated and appreciate a social get together.

The Cafe employs a co-ordinator and now a cook who manage the event with the help of a small group of trustees and volunteers.  This is not self financing and we are grateful for donations to make up the difference especially from The Hadleigh Dementia Alliance, the Lottery Fund and local charities who have given us generous grants.

The cinema ran some well attended films enjoyed by locals. Our films Yesterday and Bohemian Rhapsody were full houses appealing to those of us who remember the heyday of these groups from our younger days.

Then came the shutdown.  We were holding a Trustees meeting to decide how to handle the fallout from the new threat of the pandemic, when we received the news that all events were to be shut down.  A serious blow to our activities.

After a little while the Trustees running the lunch clubs decided to keep in touch with our members by phone. This was appreciated and it soon became clear how much all the members forced to isolate were missing their social get togethers, especially those living alone.  Following on from this when the rules allowed some of the members were invited to a coffee get together in appropriates small groups.

Throughout the lockdown, Sue, the Memories Cafe co-ordinator, has produced a weekly newsletter for all Cafe members. These newsletters have been hand delivered together with buns baked by Val, the Memories Cafe cook. From July, the Cafe welcomed four or five members each week for a cuppa and a chat in the garden. Then, in October, within the current rules, the Cafe opened up again inside the Ansell Centre.

Also, the Cinema piloted running with reduced numbers but with two sessions instead of one.  This has proved to work but there is little excess income which we rely on to help fund our other activities. During this we got a little bit of cheer as Morrison kindly donated a small gift of sweets to our volunteers, without whom we would not be able to run any of our activities.

We are grateful to the URC for allowing us to use the hall during this time and are aware that they have spent a considerable amount on safeguarding equipment whilst having a greatly reduced income for this period.  Trustees have agreed to help with this funding as we benefit from it.

What of the future?   We intend to carry on with our activities and hope that in the not too distant future we will get back to a more normal situation where can support the Hadleigh community as we have been doing for the last eleven years.

Our situation is evolving and we may have to do some things in a different way.  I do hope that you our members and volunteers will bear with us and continue to offer your support for which we are extremely grateful.

Tom Tebbutt 

Chair Ansell Centre Charity